• Scavenger Hunt

  • Birmingham Limo Hire Scavenger Hunt

    Are You Thinking About A Different Way To Build Team Morale?

    Or A Really Fun Birthday Idea For Young Or Older?

    Then a Birmingham Scavenger Hunt in a limo is the PERFECT answer for you.

    Here's all you do ;

    1. Hire 2 limos.
    2. Pick 2 evenly matched teams. (good time for team and individual bonding, deal with any issues maybe?)
    3. Create a task list for your local area, e.g. take a picture of a landmark around Birmingham, a police woman, a traffic warden with your team. Find out what's written on a famous wall in Birmingham, etc 
    4. Organise and communicate the start and finish point.
    5. And off you go with our experienced drivers, with great local knowledge to help you.
    6. Have a great day and think your boss or mum and dad are amazing
    7. Have a fun memory about your excellent day out in a Birmingham Limo Hire scavenger hunt for a very long time.

    Give us a phone call at 0121 285 3009 or fill in our form and let's get this Scavenger Hunt booked!